Vintage Sewing Machine Screws

Vintage Sewing Machine Screws
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10 M/W Screws to Attach Legs to Center Brace
1 3/8" long, diameter approximately 3/8", thread 18-096. This was a special made screw by Singer th..
11 M/W Screws to Attach Metal Stand to Wooden Cabinet ****No Longer Available****
****No Longer Available**** Sold seperatly $5.95 EACH Fits the following Singer sewing machine..
Fits the following Singer sewing machine models 127-12, 128-18, 128-3, 128-3, 128-class, 127, 12..
Clutch Stop Motion Screw #050087****No Longer Available****
****No Longer Available**** Fits clutch knob #051738. Alternate Part Numbers 140881 Fits t..
Clutch Stop Motion Screw #141105 ****No Longer Available****
****No Longer Available**** Fits 500 class. Fits clutch knob #172520. Fits the following Singe..
Head Set Screw #1285
(set of 2) for $3.95 Standard, most common, fits most Singer and other models (except 242, 3102, ..
Husqvarna Viking Back Mount Screw #4117560-01
This part is compatible with Husqvarna Viking machines in groups 1, 2. This is a back mount screw f..
Husqvarna Viking Long Attachment / Needle Clamp Screw #Vos6000
Viking long needle clamp screw for walking foot, free motion foot and ruffle for machines where the ..
Singer Needle Clamp Screw #140751-853
Singer needle clamp screw (thumb type screw as viewed) fits many models. Also fits needle clamps 16..
Singer Treadle Screw #10-M/W
Screw to attach side legs to the central brace. Screw is approx. 1 1/2" long and is a rare thread s..
Singer Treadle Screw with Nut #9 (A,B,C)
Includes screw and nut. Centering screw with nut designed to allow a small amount of movement betwe..
Singer Treadle Shifter Screw #34*** (7C)
Mounting bolt, attaches to skirt guard, holds shifter and shifter spring in place...
Singer Treadle Wood Screw #11- M/W ****No Longer Available****
****No Longer Available**** Wood screw to attach metal stand to upper wood cabinet top. Screw is ..
Stitch Length Regulator Adjusting Screw #51312
Adjusting screw with rubber compressing ring for plate #45306..
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